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Who are the Boyds?

Boyds – The Piano Shop is owned by Jason & Alison Boyd. We started our little store with just four pianos in 2005. Jason has been a piano tuner in Brisbane for over 30 years, and Alison (that’s me!) was a manager at a large accounting firm when we started our little family of two children (plus a menagerie of cats, dogs, fish and chickens) and were looking for a different way to make that family ideal fit into a busy working life.

Jason’s dream has always been to have his own little piano shop, and Alison wanted to be able to spend time with the kids while still contributing to the family income and keeping an active brain. We needed Jason to maintain his tuning business so we had an income, and Alison was prepared to staff the shop as long as the children could be around, so we suggested the perfect way to do that was to have a piano shop in an old-fashioned corner store where we lived behind and had pianos out the front, waiting for the bell to ring when someone opened the door.

Not even knowing if such a thing still existed, the next day we were on the real estate site searching, and there it was! Our dream personified, a beautiful corner shop in a gorgeous family suburb with a four-bedroom house attached at the back. Could we be any luckier? So off we went to the bank armed with budgets, cash flow forecasts and a pinch of hope, sold our home and bought that corner shop to see if we could make our dream come true.

The beginning was slow, as I said we had four pianos on the floor. The first few years were pretty tight and I sold quite a few pianos with a baby on my hip or a toddler pulling on my skirt. But over time people learned about us and we’ve been slowly and steadily increasing our stock, and our reputation has grown. We hope we are known for our friendliness, our honesty and our beautiful pianos.

These days our kids are adults and we have all moved away. We think they have fond memories of growing up in ‘the piano shop house’. We now use the whole building for pianos and have over 40 grand and upright pianos on the floor at any given time. Jason is still out tuning pianos most days, and has some really special clients. I run the shop, do the books, handle sales, and I teach piano as well.

We are ‘living the dream’ as so many people say, tongue-in-cheek, when asked how they are. But we really are. That doesn’t mean it’s easy, or always smooth-sailing, and the bills are always there waiting for us at the end of the month, but we’re in it together and we make a great team. We hope we can keep doing what we love and keep providing beautiful pianos to music lovers for many years to come.

What’s with the name?

It seems obvious, right? We are the Boyds, and we have a piano shop. So we are Boyds – The Piano Shop.

But why specifically that name? It comes down to a book called “The Piano Shop on the Left Bank” by Thad Carhart. If you love some French romanticism and the tales of a traveller, then this book is just so lovely. It’s the story of an American writer living in Paris who wants to buy a piano. He sees this little hole-in-the-wall piano repairs shop and goes in to ask for advice on where to buy a piano. He is told by the owner that he can’t help him and doesn’t know anyone who can.

Then he meets some other people and tells them the tale of visiting the funny little shop which is really just a counter and learns that he needs an introduction to be accepted by the little piano shop owner. Once he has that, he returns and the amazing world behind that little counter is revealed, re-introducing the writer to his childhood love of pianos and music. The imagery is amazing but the concept of having a collection of incredible pianos all with stories and personalities is what we have based our whole business on, and why we are called ‘The Piano Shop’.

What People Say About Us

A family owned business and they love what they do!

Deanne Scott

Boyds have looked after me for years now, I have bought new and reconditioned pianos, exchanged pianos, moved pianos from one part of the country to the other and I can’t count the number of times I’ve had emergency tunings before concerts!

Leanne Swanson-McCarthy

We purchased our family piano from Boyds and were very pleased with the extensive range, excellent advice and great service provided by Alison and Jason.

Russell Murray
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