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New Schimmel Pianos

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Well, we love our German pianos here at Boyds, and how thrilled are we to be Queensland’s Schimmel representative. Schimmel pianos are certainly the bees’ knees and we have a lovely selection here in store. Just beautiful instruments, with the precision you expect from the finest German engineering.

We have a gorgeous Schimmel upright in store, which has swiftly become my new favourite. The action is so responsive, the bass is so rich, and the treble is sweet and singing. It makes everything feel easier and more rewarding. What else can we ask for??

The Wilhelm and Fridolin brands are both part of the Schimmel family and are made to their exacting standards.

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We welcome our customers to pop in to our store for a personal appointment at any time, just by giving us a call or message and requesting a time. We love being able to give our clients our full attention, and to have the store to yourself without competing to hear the instrument you are selecting is an opportunity unique to us here at Boyds. You can make an appointment for after hours, for weekends, or for any day during the week as well. We’ll do our best to make sure you have the most wonderful time choosing your new piano.

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