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New Kawai pianos

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We love our boutique shopping environment, but we want to provide our clients with options. Having been solely pre-loved pianos for the last five years, it’s time to dip our toes back in the new piano market. Kawai pianos are made in Japan by a family-owned business (just like us!!) and our selection on the floor here at Boyds is our pick of the best options available in each price point. We make sure our new pianos are set up to their absolute best, and we use our own highly skilled technician to do our after-sales service, so that even though people say “new pianos are all the same”, when you buy one from us, you aren’t just another piano buyer and your instrument will perform to its greatest potential.

This is something to consider when you price-shop. Are you buying a washing machine or dishwasher? If so, then maybe price-shopping will work for you. But when you are buying a piano, or any musical instrument, you are buying much more than just a mass-manufactured tool. You are buying something that is designed for you to create, to share musical ideas, to lose yourself, to have a conversation, to relax, and to give yourself or your family the best opportunity to do all of those things. We make sure that your piano buying experience is one that is not stressful, with no high pressure sales tactics. We are a family business, just the two of us on staff, and making sure you are getting what need is much more important than the bottom line.

We welcome you to come in at any time that suits you. Get in touch, we’d love to help you.

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