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Grotrian is a family-owned company founded in 1835 now in its fifth and sixth generations. Pianos are made in Braunschweig in Germany and have had a long and successful history in the piano industry. We’ve had several Grotrian grands instore over the years and believe they are every bit as good as the more well-known brands at a fraction of the cost. If you’re considering a prestige instrument, Grotrian pianos should absolutely be on your list.

Their main philosophy is ‘Because we love music’ and that comes through first and foremost in their instruments. Well-balanced, powerful but sweet, and the actions are smooth and fast. These pianos just behave as one hopes a perfect piano to behave, and look just as incredible. When our first Grotrian arrived, we couldn’t believe that a black piano could look so good. It was a whole new perspective on a plain black piano. That being said, custom cabinets are available in satin black or many timber grains in high polish or satin finishes, among other options.

Pop along to their website to have a browse about this fascinating company and their incredible pianos.

Pricing can be provided on request.

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